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SPRF Projects - Glasgow - Paisley - Whithorn

This is a Pilgrimage route that is being developed out of the "850 Pilgrimage" that took place in 2013 as a part of the Paisley Abbey 850 Anniversaray celebrations. The route from Paisley Abbey to Whithorn was walked in stages by members of the Abbey and other church members and friend. The numbers walking grew as more congregations on the line of the route learnt about the staged walk. The link from Paisely Abbey to Glasgow Cathedral was first walked by a few and then extended to a wider group in the spring 2014.

With a small group of SPRF members work then started on finding ways by which this original one off pilgrimage might be developed into a recognised Pilgrimage Way and how it could be opened up to individuals or pilgrim groups to enjoy.

In August 2014 a steering group was formed and an action plan was produced to develop this concept. The group meeting was held in Whithorn. One of the first decisions was to name this walking route the "WHITHORN WAY".

A website was then established and this can be accessed via

leaflet More recent news relates to a much larger meeting held in early November 14 which was chaired by the CEO of Historic Scotland. This was in response to interest in the possible European Funding Support for European Cultural Route developments and the interest in a St Ninian Ways bid.
The outcome has been a two pronged approach. The first is the unanimous support from all at the round table meeting that the now established Whithorn Way Steering Group should be the lead body developing a walking route from Glasgow to Whithorn. The pursuit of a European Cultural bid and project was a longer term project and would be developed through discussions between Historic Scotland, Scottish Goverment (Tourism policy) and James Brown (Cormack Brown Consultants).

January 15 has seen a further succcessful meeting held by the steering group and substantial progress made in term of agreeing a development plan and how the steering group engages with local communities along the length of the Way. There has also been work done in developing an information leaflet which will be a great help in raising awareness of the route that can already be walked but is subject to further route improvements.

A copy of the Whithorn Way leaflet can be downloaded by clicking on the lealfet image.

For more information on this project or to input to the work of the group please contact the group via this e-mail link.

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